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    In your ACES workflow, you have used Nuke to convert textures. Is there any other tool to do that process. Thanks!


    Nick Leonard

    Hey Sundar,

    This depends on what render engine your using. For example, if your using Mantra in Houdini then you can use the OCIO transform node and this will give you the same result. Unfortunately Redshift doesn’t offer this feature yet, but i’ve just got confirmation that they’re currently implementing it which is great news! 🙂

    Maya also has the ability to convert textures in the software package and i’d imagine other 3D software packages will too.

    Hope that helps,




    Hello, and thanks for the great course.

    i’ve found a way to convert textures to acescg within Houdini (COPs), which i personally find more convenient than switching software.

    Within a compositing network, load a file(your texture of choice) and then plug it into a vopcop2filter. The workflow inside the filter looks like this :

    houdini aces transform

    pick your transformation as usual within the filter and then either write it out using a ROP file output or reference it directly from COPs using the “op:/” method.

    Also thank you for a great course Nick,


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    Nick Leonard

    Thanks for posting echoez 🙂


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